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Its all reverse on Channel 4 text now-a-days. There was a time that every STEPS release got a good review, first the album didn’t go down well and now the new single is getting the same, and rather unfair (I think) review:
Claire sounds as if she’d rather be out doing her Christmas shopping then having to inject this “pop ballad by numbers” with any feeling. Subdued it is STEPS worst single ever (1 out of 3)

Channel 4 getting mean here? Well The Box viewers and MTV sure like it, I know I do and so do many of you reading this, I wished there would be more Cheiron tracks on the album but hey you can’t please everyone I guess!

Smash Hits Awards in Canada – 14th December 2000
Thanks to Henry for sending this in!:
MuchMusic Friday, December 24, 6pm, 11pm & 8am ET, 3pm, 8pm & 5am PT 00 Smash Hits Poll Winners Party 60min. AIRS on MUCHMUSIC Featuring performance by: Britney Spears, Ronan Keating, Steps, Sonique, 5ive,A1, Texas, S Club 7, Billie Piper, Westlife, Savage Garden and Samantha Mumba [ Airs on MuchUSA]
Also thanks to Chris who said that at the club where he goes the remix for It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is being played too, hopefully this will get a few more people interesting and buying the single! :o)

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