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Before going on, if you are reading this and it is before 5pm then turn on ITV, their TV show talks to STEPS on scene of their new video!
Pete Waterman, the musical mastermind behind Steps, has admitted that he’s bored with the band and won’t be working with them in the future.

Formerly of the Stock Aitken Waterman hitmaking empire, Waterman co-wrote most of the Steps’ biggest hits but this week told worldpop: ‘My time with Steps is over. I’ve done my bit but I’m bored. I want to do something new, so I’m handing the baton over.’

Waterman, whose autobiography I Wish I Was Me is out on 5 October, only worked on a third of the tracks on the forthcoming third Steps album, Buzz, as the group decided to collaborate with new writers including Cyndi Lauper. But he insists there is no bad feeling. ‘They’re a great group and I wish them all the best,’ he told worldpop.

The songwriter and producer also denied reports that he claimed Steps’ success was solely due to him. ‘I didn’t put Steps together, he explained. ‘They came to me as a unit – I just came up with the concept of presenting them as Abba on speed rather than Mixed Spice.’

Waterman added that when their management wanted to follow up their debut hit 5, 6, 7, 8, with a song called A, B, C, D he insisted they recorded an old Banararama song instead. The song was called Last Thing On My Mind and the rest is history. (Source:

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Unfortunally the STEPS boys have been knocked out at the second stage of the Pop World Cup looking for the Sexiest Man in Pop. Lee lost out to Ollie from Point Break where H lost to Darren from Savage Garden, who on the recent episode of Smash Hits TV said that STEPS music was the best to fall asleep too!

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