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Are Steps about to go reggae?

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We have been sent what appears to be the tracklisting of the promotional copy of the Buzz album! I’ve been having a chat with a few people and it seems that it is difficult to tell if this is the real promotional copy of the album. We are, as always, planning to get a copy of the album before release (like last year) and I’ll keep you updated on this. You will be glad to hear that the new album is once again great value for money! 15 brand new tracks to keep you happy for a long time! Anyway we must not forget that the new single Stomp is out in 15 days time on 16 October. Now just because the album is out shortly afterwards that is no excuse not to buy the single! Make sure you grab your copy and get Steps their second UK number one single! It seems everyone is going on this disco edge as Girl Thing’s new song is also in this disco sound, perhaps it is time for a mini-revival!

Buzz tracklisting:
(note that this is a promotional copy, and it’s not confirmed to be the real one either)
Thanks to Chris for sending it in!

Better The Devil You Know (3:48)
Stomp (3:21)
Summer Of Love (3:53)
It’s The Way You Make Me Feel (3:17)
You’ll Be Sorry (4:06)
Learn To Love Again (3:27)
Never Get Over You (3:55)
Hand On Your Heart (4:03)
Happy Go Lucky (3:33)
Buzz (3:21)
Here & Now (3:45)
Paradise Lost (4:35)
Turnaround (3:24)
Wouldn’t Hurt You So Bad (3:34)
If You Believe (3:52)

Straight after the first ever live performance of Stomp on SM:tv last week, Steps dashed off to the Disney Channel Kids Awards. We caught up with Faye and H backstage and the pair revealed that their upcoming album features disco, house and blues tracks. And would you believe the title track, Buzz, is a reggae tune?!

Faye said: “Our album is a huge mix of lots of different things – we’ve even got some songs produced in a reggae style! They’re the tracks we did for America, cos in America the reggae beat is coming back big time. They’ve got a kind of Ace Of Base feel. we’ve got three tracks that have that feel on them. It’s interesting to hear our voices reproduced differently.”

H added: “There are so many different styles of music on the album. Reggae, blues, disco, pop, heavy house…”

So Steps have gone reggae! Well, stranger things have happened.

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