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Motown Madness

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As the Official Site comes back to life (I am not totally sure what caused it to live in the wilderness for a period of time but I find it totally unacceptable as whatever the problem was I am sure they could have got around it without too much problem). They are reporting that a new show is being filmed called Stars & Their Lives and will tell the story of stars and their lives. There is one being made about STEPS and they have details on how you can attend the show if you wanted, so check out their site for more information on that.
STEPS are to appear on another TV Special. Motown Madness will be screened on LWT [ITV] (check for regional differences) on Saturday 16th December 2000. STEPS will be performing Too Busy Thinking, the show seems to be in the same format as the AbbaMania show. STEPS will also appear in a grand finale with all the other acts singing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Talking about the new album, Andre pointed out to me that he knows someone who has heard the new STEPS song Buzz, we believe this to be one of the Max Martin tracks as it was described to him as sounding like Britney Spears. Like last year GenSTEPS asks do you have a copy of the new album. If so we are interested. We managed to get hold of a copy last year before release thanks to a very generous person (I’ve forgotten who you are, but we’re still thankful for your help last year) again if you have a copy of the new album, please e-mail me at [email protected] . Thank you very much!

Talking about the new album, Channel 4 is reporting that despite H talking about working with Gary Barlow, no such track actually appears on the album. Perhaps it is being lined up as a B-Side to a new single in the future.

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