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STEPS will be recording their new video for the second single from their forthcoming album Buzz at the end of next week. I know that many people are either confused about the new album title or can’t stand it. There is a outside chance that this is a working title and it was mentioned to gauge the public reaction to such a title. If it was changed before the final release then I wouldn’t be too surprised. As for the next single there is no news what the title is and if it is written by Max Martin or any of the other new writers on the album. If this single is to be the first in the US from the new album I would expect it to be a Max Martin track.
More on the STEPS dolls, it seems that places have them in stock already. They are about £11.99 from Woolworths and I’ve been told that they are pretty good compared to other dolls that are on the market at this moment in time!

Steps are to make one fan’s day when they perform a special show at a school as part of a Kinder Eggs competition, worldpop can reveal. Special chocolate eggs will be released which give the owner the right to have the pop group perform a one-off gig at their school. ‘If fans get the right Kinder egg Steps will turn up and perform at their school,’ confirms H. The group recently filmed a TV ad for the promotion, to hit screens soon. Meanwhile Steps are planning their Christmas tour, which will include songs from their forthcoming third album. As H says, ‘We’ve got loads of ideas already and we’ll be doing a lot of material from the new album which will be the first time that most of it is sung live, so that will be really exciting.’ (Source:

Sorry this story was a little late but the most exciting thing is that they are saying it is more live, finally I here a lot of people say, if Britney can do it then so can STEPS! No news if there is a live band there yet but I am sure I speak for a few people here that if they do more live and have the live band the £23 for the tickets will be good value for money!

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