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After a long battle against everyone else in planet pop STEPS have made it to The Box Pop World Cup Final where they are up battling against Point Break, Louise and Scooch! You know what to do! Click the link below and vote for STEPS and make sure they win The Box Pop World Cup!
Talking about The Box, those of you that recieve the channel will have noticed that suddenly it is in colour and has proper sound! I told you it would happen, I know people doubted me but hey it’s happened now! Now it is a good music channel now all they need is a little adjustments in their playlist add a few videos and it’ll be great! hehe

STEPS 2 The Stars. If you are interested there is more on BBC Ceefax on page 532 or on their website at

Win tickets to the new tour – 11th September 2000
Okay it isn’t our competition but I’d thought I’ll make you aware of a competition on BBC Ceefax on which you can win tickets to the forthcoming STEPS tour at the Sheffield Arena on November 22nd! To win just answer this easy question!
Which Bee Gees track was a huge hit for Steps in 1998?
a) Staying Alive b) Tragedy c) Night Fever

Call 09001 555 321 calls cost 30p

Lines close midnight on 14th September, winner is announced on September 22nd on page 577 on BBC1/2 Ceefax!

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