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By chance I was watching CBBC on which H and Claire where on. They announced that the new STEPS album will be titled Buzz which means we have an album title but still no news on any single, seems a strange way to do it but I’m sure Jive know what they are doing!
If you watched Steps To The Stars and think you can do better then now is the time to apply for the new series, to apply please send a video and or audio tape and a picture with details of yourselif to this address:

Steps 2 The Stars
PO Box 17237
W12 6GY

and good luck!

GenSTEPS and its family of sites is proud to announce that it is part of the new PopGlobe project. The new site is to launch around the beginning of October. PopGlobe is set to become the next best thing on the Internet bringing together lots of individual sites to bring the best news from all the artists that you like, then you read a story and want more then pop down to the site and learn more. For this to become a greater success we need the following people to help out the site:

-Reporters on a worldwide base, who are able to report all their discovered news stories to PopGlobe and keep PopGlobe updated on new announcements of new releases.
-A bunch of people who would like to do promotional work for PopGlobe, better explained plugging the site everywhere, make sure unofficial sites are linking the site or even join the PopGlobe network of unofficial popular music artists.
-We need people who are good in scripting to develop some very nice stuff for the site in the future…
-Flash editors who are able to create good Flash intro’s but also Flash games, adverts, banners and much more!
-Individual people who would love to do specials for PopGlobe which will be published on the site and in a yearbook of specials each year….
-People who would love to create videos specialy made for PopGlobe, think of music videos but also research video’s promotion video’s go on and on….
-People who would love to invest a bit in PopGlobe by providing posters to record stores, video shops, computer stores etc etc (a small fee for the costs is possible)
-People worldwide who would like to translate some interviews, specials to their language for foreign people….
Well this is a bit the whole bunch we need, next to that GenSTEPS agreed with joining the network with all their family sites, then we got the Steptastic network and some individual popartist sites who are joining, we still need much more…..
Do you have a music related website and is it a good quality website, then join at the following mail address which is also the information address: [email protected]
I hope you won’t let this project left alone, as we would love to become the Dotmusic of the world! and you can be part of that….
Thank you very much, Steptastic, Gensteps, Steptastic Network, Gensteps Family and the individual artist sites!

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