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Join Steps on Saturday Night Fever, US Market a No-Go ?, Request from E-Map – 19th August, 2001

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On Wednesday 19th September, Steps are gonna be on the Karaoke quiz on Channel 5 … wouldn’t it be cool to be there? … Well you can actually join in the fun!


The show is being recorded at Teddington Studios in Middlesex (19th September).

Get your tickets by calling: 0207 691 5611

or just e-mail them: [email protected]

Tickets are free, but you gotta be over 18 =/ (sorry for all the youngsters out there).

Thanks to a few people who have e-mailed me this story on Sunday Morning. In today’s Sunday Mirror it has been reported that H has said that Steps are not going to back to the US;

IF you hear of massive depression sweeping America it could be down to the following news. H from STEPS has just announced the band have abandoned all hope of cracking the lucrative US market. “Our sound is very British,” he
says. “Who knows how it would go down over there?” Erm, badly? (The Sunday Mirror)

Before we all start panicking here – How they have come to that conclusion from those quotes is beyond me. I’ve yet to hear anything official on this from Jive so at this moment lets not get too concerned by this.

We got this request from e-map a while ago, sorry for taking time to get it up!

They are having a Poll for the 100 Sexiest People in Pop! So we need to vote for Steps! E-Map are also producing a special edition of Smash Hits which will have the Top 100 listed in there (A bit like they do with FHM once a year)! So lets show everyone that Steps are the sexiest people in pop! So get over to and register and then get voting!!!

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