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J17 article and a few words from Jack in the US

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In an article in J17 called “What Is Cool” they compared Steps to ABBA! And Steps came on the receiving end of all of the crap! The said that “Steps are popular (unfortunately)” and I think that’s not true! If enough of your site’s fans, including me, write to the magazine then we might get a result! e.g. an apology to all those Steps fans out there!

If anyone wants the address then they can e-mail me on [email protected] – once again thanks to Amy for that information.

Also I’ve received an e-mail from Jack, he said: “Well here I am in sunny Florida and so far Steps have failed to make an impression in the US. Although upon arrival the first song on the radio was One For Sorrow with the follow up: “That was the group Steps who have currently been overshadowing Britney Spears on her tour. Watch out for them as they are bigger than the Spice Girls in the rest of the world.”

Well I don’t know who the DJ has been talking to but you can’t ask for a better advert than being compared to the Spice Girls! Other than that I have yet to see the new video on MTV although I haven’t really had time to check. Out of all the major record stores in Orlando none of them have the single and they don’t have the group on their listings so they can’t order a copy of it in. For those of you that may be interested, the Backstreet Boys just filmed their next video on the street around the corner which was fun to watch. I will keep you updated on the Steps US situation and of course I still have the concert to go along to. I’ll be back soon! – Jack”.

Thanks for that Jack, it is true, Steps are being billed in the US as the only group that is capable to filling the shoes of the Spice Girls. Spice (their debut album) sold 28 million worldwide, that would be nice for Steps wouldn’t it?

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