Steps in 2022

New album release dates, Canadian news and more!

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Some US release news: Step One is released in the US on 12 October and has a catalogue number of 01241-41688-2/4. The single One For Sorrow has a number of 01241-42590-2.

UK Release date news: the new album Steptacular will be released on 25 October. There is also a new single planned for 11 October. Coming soon, an exciting new competition to Generation STEPS: your chance to win a signed copy of the official new Steps book. We accept no bribes, sorry, and are working on a fair way to choose the winners.

Thanks to Fiona for sending this in. As you probably know, Steps were in Toronto more than a month ago to do Britney’s concert (14 July). The next day, they did a radio interview at a very popular radio station, and three of their songs were played at that time. Since then, I’ve been listening to see if they would make it to the regular play list. Nothing… until today. The station has a midday show called the the 12 o’clock Taste Test where they play a new song, and they ask listeners to call in or email them to Kiss It or Diss It. If the response is favourable, the song moves into that day’s showdown competition. Anyhow, today’s taste test was for One For Sorrow. Sadly, 78% of the listeners dissed it. Usually, songs that get dissed that early in the game never make it to the regular play list. We are aware on this lack of US / Canada success that Steps are getting so we are creating a short list of email address of radio stations so we can bombard them to play Steps to give them a chance. We are also going to get on to MTV US. More details soon, but send in details of your local radio station and we will set up a page where all our visitors can plague radio and TV stations in the US to give Steps the chance that they deserve.

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