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Steps present Britney with Teen Choice award

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Amy emailed me to tell me that Lee makes an appearance in the September issue of J17! He fills in a questionnaire called the head shrinker. You can win it if you ring 09013 803787 or see page 113 in the magazine for details! Thanks for that Amy!

Also on 12 August the Fox TV network aired the first annual Teen Choice awards to celebrate the best of music, TV, movies and sports. Steps presented the award for Best Single with Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch). The nominations were Britney Spears (Baby One More Time…) Lauren Hill (Doo Wop-That Thing), Shania Twain (Still The One) and Brandy and Monica (The Boy Is Mine).

Steps were dressed in the same clothes as Party in the Park except they were red and white. Each member of Steps spoke and H opened the ballot and announced that a close friend of theirs had won – Britney Spears. As Britney left the stage you could see Steps congratulating her. Also on 13 August, Britney Spears appeared on an American talk show called Donnie and Marie. She said that Steps were opening at her concerts, she said they are really nice and it’s fun having them there. She then added that they are CRAZY- that’s our Steps for you. One For Sorrow is now being played on Canadian radio. New Music Hour played it last night and said that they spoke with Steps when they were with Britney Spears and that they are a “nice bunch of kids”. Thanks to Troy for that information.

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