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H denies rift with Claire at her wedding

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A message from H from the official website:

Hello there,

Sorry it’s been such a long time since my last message to you all!

I just wanted to go on record because of an untrue story in the newspaper yesterday. I had no hissy fit with Claire whatsoever, and never asked her to invite Lisa to the wedding. I played a real special part in Claire’s wedding at Castle Ashby on Saturday. I went up to the Castle with Claire on Friday, helped her with all the preparations the day before. On the wedding day I was an usher and also the only person to do a reading in the church. Claire looked absolutely beautiful in her dress, and got to be a princess for the day!

As soon as Claire walked into the Church, the first person she saw was me. I burst into tears when I saw her which made her burst into tears too. As you know Claire and I genuinely are best friends.

Claire arranged a fantastic wedding, and I am really proud of her. Her new husband, Mark Webb, is a really special person and I am really glad that she has married Mark. I wish them both all the happiness in the world for the rest of their lives together.

At the moment Claire is off on her honeymoon, but as soon as she is back I am sure she will be on here to let you know about the big day and what she has been up to.

H xx

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