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Management statement on future of H&Claire

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The management of H & Claire have finally spoken about the future of H & Claire. We suspect that this is due to the constant complants by fans on the official message board and the endless rumours that have been circulating around the internet.

This is what they had to say:

Dear all,

Sorry it’s been such a long time since there’s been any news up on the website regarding H and Claire.

As we’re sure you all know, they’re both having a well-deserved break at the moment, spending lots of time with their family and friends which they’ve not really had a chance to do for the last 6 years! Claire is getting married towards the end of the summer and then going on honeymoon so all of her energy is being directed into the arrangements for that, all she can think or talk about is weddings, weddings, weddings! H is enjoying the time off catching up with his family and friends, doing a few paintings and generally relaxing, he has also been offered the lead role in a major West End musical starting next year.

However, we can assure you all that they have definitely not been dropped by WEA Records, nor have they given up a music career. They have both been in the office recently listening to new songs and discussing future recordings and are both very excited at the prospect of getting back into the recording studio very soon.

We understand that it must be frustrating not getting regular updates but the reality of the situation is that there’s nothing to report until such time as H&Claire are back recording and in promo mode. As soon as there is any news you will be the first ones to know.

Best wishes,

Tim Byrne & Vicky Blood

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