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GenSTEPS in the Daily Telegraph!

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It has been brought to our attention that Steps may be planning yet another tour in March 2000. This may be because of public demand or any other number of reasons. But don’t expect a full-blown record breaker so soon after the upcoming arena tour. It is more likely that either a world tour or a small number of dates may be announced. As yet, there is no more info but we will keep you posted. Thanks to Stacey for this intriguing piece of info.

Did you think it could get any bigger than this? Well it has. Generation STEPS has appeared in one of the UK’s biggest-selling Saturday newspapers, the Daily Telegraph. In a review of the new Steps single and album, which they gave 4 out of 5, they recommend this very website for people to visit! We would like to thank Ollie who brought this to our attention and of course the Daily Telegraph who printed our address.

Plus, did you all have a good Steps-filled morning? What with STEPS being on what seemed like every UK channel available it was impossible to miss them even if you tried! We love Faye’s new hair do, it’s fabulous!

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