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Lisa and Lee host Pepsi Chart show

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Yesterday, Lisa and Lee did a magnificent job presenting the Pepsi Chart on Channel 5. They seemed good when it was being filmed on Tuesday but they really came across as superb TV presenters when watching the show on the box. Not only that but they also performed the brilliant new single After The Love Has Gone, to which Lisa asked “Do you like it?”, of course we do!

For those of you that forgot about it (oh the shame!) or couldn’t set the video in time, don’t despair as it is repeated tomorrow at 11am on Channel 5. All eyes will be on Lisa’s appearance on tonight’s Never Mind The Buzzcocks (9.30pm, BBC Two) but after her excellent presenting we’re more than sure she knows what she’s doing.

Don’t forget that Steps will also be live in the studio on Live & Kicking tomorrow morning from 9.30am on BBC One. If last week’s SM:tv was anything to go by, this is going to be a must-see. Also we could expect some info on the new TV programme Steps To The Stars presented by H and Claire, as the prize is to appear on Live & Kicking.

Out later this year is the official Steps tour magazine. Sounds good to us, we’ll let you know more info about it when we get it. Thanks to Noubar for letting us know about this.

There is an article about Steps on this month’s UK Kids Online ( the new and extremely popular online magazine aimed at kids. Go check it out as it is expertly written, but then I would say that wouldn’t I…

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