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Claire answers your questions

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Here are Claire’s answers in her Q&A session on the official website. Was your question chosen?

I think that DJ is absolutely fabulist my question is if you could be any famous person who would it be?
Claire: I would be Madonna because she is very successful and rich.

Claire out of your time on pop world (although H lives in his own world) what has been the best film premiere you have been to?
Claire: Probably Harry Potter.

Claire you sounded amazing as Karen Carpenter on Stars In Their Eyes. Was it the Carpenters who gave you the idea to become a duo? You both sounded great singing that rock song on SMTV, any plans to delve into that area? What is going to be the main sound of the album? Mostly ballads? Or mostly clubby tracks?
Claire: No it wasn’t the Carpenters that gave us the idea to be a duo. I don’t think we shall be doing any rock tunes. There will be quite a lot of ballads on the album but it’s not gonna be really dance music.
What was the best moment in your career?
Claire: When we won our Brit award a couple of years ago.

Dear Claire, I have been a massive fan of your since you were in TSD, I was wondering if you see Cossi or Bonnie still?
Claire: I still speak to and see Cossi now and again, but I haven’t seen Bonnie since we split up, I do still speak to Cossi.

What do you imagine you will be doing at the ripe old age of 40, will you still be working in the music business?
Claire: I don’t really try to look too far ahead. I think it would be silly to predict your future, but yeah, hopefully I’ll still be in the music business.

What’s been your favourite moment on SM:TV since you started presenting?
Claire: Probably the sketch Table Footballers’ Wives, I think that is quite funny, enjoy doing that.

DJ is released in Australia on 5 July – the video is now being played on Rage – thanks to Dave for that information.

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