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Metro: What are H & Claire made of?

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From Metro:

WHAT ARE… H and Claire made of?

Hair: The former Steps-singers-turned-double-act follow in the footsteps of such luminescent boy/girl blond pop pairings as Kylie and Jason and, er, Dollar. While they may imagine themselves to have the frostily-haired chic of, say, Sapphire And Steel, their Essential naffness puts them closser to The Krankies.

Bulging wardrobe: The video for their debut single, DJ, saw the pair swathed in Dolce & Gabbana with Claire’s tootsies clad in £1,000 shoes. An effort to capture an older, trendier, demographic that fell flat on it’s face, for we always remember H prancing around in gold knickerbockers for Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart and Claire looking like a Benny Hill Nurse in Chain Reaction.

Cheesy grins: In Steps’ early days, H was paid more than his female colleagues but now Claire has put the financial horse before the synchronised dancing cart. No longer forced to split their earnings with Faye, Lisa and Lee, and with a reported £4 million record deal in the bank, it’s no wonder the Zaphod Beeblebrox of pop is laughing all the way to the bank.

Multi-skilling: Proving they’re a Jack and Jill of all trades, H and Claire have just landed presenting jobs on SM:TV and have announced their ambitions to present a light entertainment programme of their own. This conjures up images of Sunday Night At The London Palladium but, if the rumours of Steps’ backstage bust-ups are anything to be believed, the result could be closer to Nightmare On Elm Street.

Facial ticks: Steps’ promotional appearances would involve H pointing, waving, sticking his tongue out, winking and gurning whenever he spotted a camera. Similarly, Claire was unable to mime without wrinkling her nose as if one of her band mates had let rip with a Force Nine fart. Will they be able to stop themselves from looking like refugees from a tourettes self-help group now they’re a ‘sophisticated’ duo? Only time will tell…

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