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Chart Updates, H to go into theatre? TV News.

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On the Sunday which Hear’Say sold a scary amount of copies of their debut single (549,823 in a week! Wow!) 3rd biggest selling single ever in a week, anyway to more important matters …… STEPS where still in the UK chart! It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is now out the UK Top 75 singles. Buzz drops down to number 66 on the albums chart. The Live Wembley video moves back up to number 7. For full UK chart information check out our charts pages. Thanks to [email protected] for sending in this information which is taken from today’s Sunday Mirror. H has let slip he’s considering the lead role in the West End musical Godspell next year. “Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved musicals so to be offered something like that for next year is fantastic,” H told me. Claire is set to appear on Monday’s edition of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, The show airs on Monday at 9pm! So watch out for that this coming Monday. If you might miss it, the show is usually repeated on a Sunday evening. Also more STEPS TV tomorrow, according to an advert on Sky One Lee is set to appear on tomorrows episode of Jumpers for Goalposts, it is on Sky One at 10pm. On the News tonight Pete Waterman was talking about Hear’Say. He said what basically everyone else has said about the group that they have sold soo much this week due to the hype around the group which has been created by the TV and media and that their real test is 4 or so singles down the line. I feel their real test will come if ITV decide to commission another series, Popstars 2 or something in a year or so. Also they are bound to get stiff competition in the coming months from acts like Steps and S Club 7 who are already established acts.

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