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PITP 2001, More on You’ll Be Sorry Shoot

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I’ve just found out that ITV have beaten Channel 4 to the rights to broadcast this years Party In The Park. If you remember last year when T4 did the show they actually cut short the STEPS performance and the show as on and off all day. The previous year ITV2 showed 6 hours straight of the show without cuts – but it was a delayed live coverage. It’ll be interesting to see how ITV do the coverage this year. Thanks to Gareth for his views on the You’ll Be Sorry video shoot last Friday: In response to Derek at the video shoot. I also went along to the video shoot on Friday and have to agree it was a let down. First of all the directions that were given to the studio were very poor. I went by Underground as I only live down the road but, ended up walking 2 miles round very dodgey areas to find it. There was only one toilet, we were given food after told to bring a packed lunch. We were told to expect to be there until around 8pm. We were warned that we will hear the track so many times we would probably be sick of it by the end. Truth was, we spent about 2 hours preparing with wardrobe, hair and make-up, only to be on set for a matter of minutes. We were all out but about 5pm. Lee was very interested in what was going on and actually came up to me and said he wanted to see it from my point of view. Is he trying to get experience for future film roles?? Steps wore outfits along the theme of previous videos, with red/black leather and ripped t-shirts etc.. Lisa had an interesting use of double sided sticky tape to hold her trousers to her legs which was demonstrated just off set – so nobody saw her nether regions! Faye had a mass of curly hair scrapped back. Claire was lovely! The set seemed rather basic, but blue screens were in place so maybe there will be a lot of post production. The words to the chorus were up on a big board in front of the band – do they not know their own lyrics?? All in all a lot of effort for only a few minutes glory. A bit of a disappointment. Thank god I live down the road and didn’t travel half way across the country for it. And what did we get for our time? A signed post-card! Well thanks Steps!! Would it have really have interrupted their schedule too much to come and actually speak to us for a few minutes? It seems there was a lack of communication between the production team and the organisers. It will however be interesting to see the end result. The organisers today sent a thank-you email, which is a nice touch.

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