Steps in 2022

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UK Chart Update: On the singles chart Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry drops down to number 43. The Live Wembley video suffers an uncharacteristic drop of 12 places down the Music Video chart. For the full charts see our charts pages. Just a pointer here. I think it is now time for Jive Records to sit down and totally rethink their promotional ideas for the acts on both sides of the Atlantic. The 4 major selling Jive Records artists, Steps, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys & NSYNC have all released – or are releasing a new album or single in either the UK and/or US over the past few months. All basically with no promotion either side of the Atlantic. In Steps’ case we have the album out shortly with the US buying public at this moment in time only have the Nickelodeon concert to go buy – and of course the audience age of that channel is very young. In the UK both BSB & Britney have had singles fail to enter the UK Top 10 due to next to no promotion and now NSYNC hit the UK number 9 spot with a whopping $2million video behind it and of course it’s the first single for their band new album also! (The song only peaked at number 19 in the US!) – it seems Jive have got a little complacent over the last few months both sides of the Atlantic now as all their big – and I say money making – acts are not doing as well as they might have done a year ago. I think something needs to change, and it might be – rumour has it the new Britney album will be out a week later in the UK than the US – do they plan actually making Britney come to Europe to promote it? No idea yet but we’ll find out in August I would imagine! Also another rumour has it that the Steps Christmas single is due for release on Monday 31st December 2001 – but as news is saying that Westlife might not be entering the race this Christmas this might be re-thought!

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