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US Tracklisting Confirmed

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Last month we posted, exclusively, the US Tracklisting for Buzz due out on the 23rd July, since then I’ve had many e-mails from people saying that they’ve seen it listed differently at different online stores and stuff. Well now we again bring you the SAME tracklisting as we did a month ago, but now we have proof for all you doubters out there, below is the back cover of the US album and you will notice that the tracklisting is the same as what we originally said on 22nd June: So there you have it. Just make sure you get everyone to buy it on July 23rd, we might not be challenging NSYNC on the US sales front but if we can get it inside the Top 100 in the US – and perhaps go higher than the Top 70 which Step One achieved then at least thats a start!

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