Steps in 2022

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STEPS are in the US Magazine J14! Below are the scans from this magazine. Thanks to Charlie from United Steps Of America for these scans! Click on the images for the full picture! The first is a review of the US release of the album and the second is a dance Steps page for Stomp! The third pictures is from Teen People magazine about the forthcoming concert on Nickelodeon in the US! Thanks to Chris in Australia for pointing out that the Here & Now / You’ll Be Sorry single is now out there. It has six tracks on the CD. We will get the scans up for this album up here shortly! I’ve had a few people e-mail me this, this is from an advert which has appeared on the CDNow website: Yes this does say 15 tracks. No the US album doesn’t have 15 tracks, see our news story on the 13th July. We have no idea what the source is for CDNow to be running this advert but it is incorrectly – surely an offence under the trade description act?

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