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Chain Reaction & Gold Tracklistings, Mars & Venus audio & Lyrics. US Album Ideas for high sales!!

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We where sent these at around 9.55pm last night – but I thought I would hold them back until today. Yesterday we received what is set to be the track listings for the forthcoming singles & album. Yes we have had a lot of them recently I know, but this one seems to make more sense than the other track listing we got. The other one had a lot of songs that have been performed on tour but not released on any CD which would involve a lot of production, and possibly recording time which usually would be strange for a Greatest Hits album. This one includes more of the hits we are used to and just the 3 new songs – which would suggest that a new album will be with us in the Spring of next year; anyway make of it what you will, here are the listings: Chain Reaction, due for release 17th September CD1: 1. Chain Reaction – Radio Edit 2. I Know Him So Well 3. Chain Reaction – Armin van Buuren mix CD2: 1. Chain Reaction – Radio Edit 2. I Know Him So Well 3. One For Sorrow – Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix The greatest Hits album GOLD, will be released on 1st October on 2CD/2MD/2MC, the tracklisting is as follows: CD/MD/MC 1: 1. 5,6,7,8 2. Tragedy 3. It’s The Way You Make Me Feel 4. Chain Reaction 5. No Rhyme No Reason 6. Since You Took Your Love Away 7. Never Get Over You 8. Love You More 9. Never Say Never Again 10. Buzzz 11. Last Thing On My Mind 12. Say You’ll Be Mine 13. Stomp 14. Paradise Lost 15. If You Believe CD/MD/MC 2: 1. Heartbeat 2. Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart 3. One For Sorrow 4. You’ll Be Sorry 5. I Know Him So Well 6. Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) 7. After The Love Has Gone 8. This Heart Will Love Again 9. Better Best Forgotten 10. Summer Of Love 11. Here And Now 12. Better The Devil You Know 13. Deeper Shade Of Blue 14. Happy Go Lucky 15. When I Said Goodbye This does look like more of a Greatest Hits album with all the singles which have been released around the world and songs which have appeared on various soundtracks for movies and TV specials, including 3 new tracks giving the scope for 3 possible singles from the album, although I would imagine only 2 will be likely, we know that Chain Reaction is one and possibly Mars & Venus as that is included on the US album.Talking about Mars & Venus we have the entire song for you to listen to. It is encoded at Windows Media Audio at 32Kbps Stereo, around 1/2 the quality of CD. Why is it this quality? Well Steps need US album sales to be as high as possible and we don’t want to ruin that by offering a full CD Quality file MP3 file. See below of what we suggest about the US album sales! To download the full song then click hereHere are the full lyrics for the song: Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again) (Dane DeViller/Sean Hosein/Jorgen Elofsson/Andy Goldmark) You stop and I go Too fast, much too slow Your uptown is downtown to me I lost it, your find it You’re ahead and I’m behind it Your daytime is nighttime to meFeels like a million miles between us Just like Mars & Venus Must be the pull of gravity I’m made for you, you’re made for me [Chorus] Sometimes I drive you crazy Sometimes you wanna change me I say you don’t, you say I do That’s how it plays with me and you When we can’t seem to make up When we are about to break up I look at you, you smile at me and then We fall in love again (Just like Mars & Venus)You get what I don’t And you will when I just won’t Your upside is downside to me I flip it, you drop it You start me up and I can’t stop it You’re on time is off time to meFeels like a million miles between us Just like Mars & Venus Must be the pull of Gravity I’m made for you, you’re made for me [Chorus]For ever action, baby, there’s reaction Must be opposite attraction No matter what you’re my ultimate distraction And I know it gives you satisfaction I wand made for you and you were made for me [Chorus] We fall in love again (Just Like Mars & Venus)Copywrite 2001 Zomba Recording Corporation Interested, I bet you are! If so watch out for the GenSTEPS Competition!! Yes it’s back and this time we have copies of the US Album to give away! Check back daily to see more details!So if you are in the US are contemplating getting the album tomorrow it might be an idea not too. Why you are saying. Well think about it the Nick concert isn’t until this Sunday and NSYNC are out this week. If ALL the US Steps fans – and those interested by the Nick show, brought the US album NEXT WEEK then it might chart a lot higher than it would with just this weeks sales! This should show Jive that Steps do deserve promotion in the US – and what with the webchat on the 2nd August we could possibly get the album up higher than what Jive are thinking so spread the word and this could possibly work out!

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