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Thanks to Jonna for this link! Every week there is an online poll when guest appears in Hello! magazine. The poll is for the most attractive person in the magazine. Now Faye appeared in the magazine this week so we can all vote for her at so get voting!A few people sent me this today. So thanks to everyone! Also thanks to Glenn as we are using his scan of the article! It is from the Daily Star and it is about the forthcoming video for Chain Reaction, which includes some photographs from the shoot: Click on the picture for the full size image! As we always like to help out people! The people at Claire Richards Always are having a mass online birthday card which you can sign online! So pop over to and get signing! Thanks to Michelle for this US news! “I was walking around the Wyoming Valley Mall (Wilkes-Barre, PA) today because I had nothing better to do and I walked past Radioshack (electronic store if you didnt know). They always have something playing the the TV and when I walked by, the video for “Here and Now” was just finishing and on the bottom of the screen it came up “Jive Records. Steps New Album out July 2001.” I went over to the counter lady to ask her if that was a channel or just a promotional video. She said “Yeah companies gives us promo DVDs and stuff of ‘new age’ bands for us to play” More US news, thanks to a few people who have sent this into me! The US TV guide at has added a description to the Steps concert on Nick in the US next weekend (29th) they are saying: ” The coed Brit-pop quintet performs selections from its sophomore release, �Buzz,� at the Nickelodeon on Sunset Theatre in Hollywood. Included: �Stomp,� �Summer of Love� and �Here and Now.�

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