Steps in 2022

Clearing the confusion

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I want to clear something up now. Last night I received lots and lots of e-mails over the various tracklistings I have posted on the site about the Greatest Hits album saying various things, including more different tracklistings. I would like to clear up that I not actually said that any of those posted are the real tracklistings and are purely speculative. I said that the one yesterday looked more likely as it had less new material on the album – and with rumours around that there will be another tour next Spring / Summer would suggest a new album around that time also – which would mean less new material on the GH album as it would only possibly release 2 or so singles. We are working hard to get evidence on how many CDs it will be released on, how many new tracks etc. Just the album isn’t due until October which is still a few months off so any details are pretty sketchy at best. We’ll keep looking for something official and we’ll post it as soon as possible. Remember we brought to you the real US tracklisting – and people didn’t believe us then – and it’s out today with the very same tracks, so we will do our best with this album too!Also before you all jump on various MP3 sites and download a track called No Rhyme No Reason and think it is Steps. It won’t be it was done by a group DejaVu – I’m not saying that Steps will never have a song of this title – they don’t at this moment – but that doesn’t mean it might not happen! Thanks to Ian-Michael for that news. The GenSTEPS Competition will be here shortly! We are just thinking of a question to ask :o). You can win a copy of the US Buzz album featuring your favourite Steps songs including the new track Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again)

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