Steps in 2022

“You’ll never see me in a boob tube!” – Lee

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Steps were featured on a mini programme hosted by Nick Brown on Fully Booked today. It was filmed at one of their Step One concerts. The first interview was with support group A1 and we then saw them performing their single. Then we had another interview with second support act Lolly, who was a good singer but I can’t really say the same for her taste in clothing! We then saw her perform her single.

Finally we had the interview with Steps. All the way through there were clips of them performing songs on stage mixed with their videos which was fun to watch. During the interview we found out quite a bit about the Steps style. They all agreed that the One For Sorrow outfits are their favourites, mainly because when they were filming in Italy it was so hot, but the outfits kept them cool. Lee said that they now design their own clothes, but “you’ll never see me in a boob tube!” H said that they got most of their ideas from Japan. Faye spoke of her dreadlocks and how people throw teddy bears with dreads sewn onto them on stage. She only had the dreads for three months though. When talking about the Steps clothes, she added: “We don’t wear them off stage , definitely not!”

Lisa said that once when she had finished performing Love U More, her top was getting too low and she had to stop and pull it back up again. All three girls agreed that they preferred tight Calvin Klein underwear on men the most. And their one big fashion tip for dressing like Steps is “Glitter is good!”. So you know what to do. Don’t forget on bank holiday Monday at 3.20pm, there is a TOTP special all about their career so far, don’t miss it.

In the TV HITS summer special magazine, Steps are featured in a double-page interview about their recent trip to Australia. The whole group are interviewed and the magazine is well worth the price. As well as the two page spread there are also loads of posters and pictures of the gang.

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