Steps in 2022

Steps official book in the works

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A small update today concerning the official Steps book. There is already an unofficial book available as stated earlier this month but now Steps will be bringing the official book to you by October. It will be written by a reporter from the magazine Smash Hits called Jordan Paramor. He has had the most contact with Steps throughout their career and knows exactly what’s gone on up till now. There will be loads of new facts about the group and is set to include at least 100 all-new pictures!

Lisa has been voted the 55th sexiest woman in the world by FHM readers! That’s pretty good for someone that was unknown just over a year ago, congratulations Lisa. Although in our little poll Lisa has been voted number ONE sexiest woman! Sadly Claire or Faye failed to make an impression on readers despite being just as beautiful. Thanks to Fizz for this news.

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