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Where to buy Electric

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Lisa's CD in HMV
HMV is displaying the single loud and proud in their Blackpool store, with CD1 and CD2 prominently displayed at both the store entrance and on the ‘new releases’ section next to the charts.

Woolworths is stocking the single after all, but it seems they’ve only got CD1 and you’ll have to look hard for it.

We’re also informed that WHSmith does not sell singles anymore because it was losing too much money on them, so you’re unlikely to come across it there.

Most importantly is the news that sales from ASDA do count towards the charts, as stated by the official chart company.

Rumours were abound that scraping the top 10 was going to be harder for Lisa than it first seemed, because only 8,000 copies of ‘Electric’ would be chart eligible. 13,000 were pressed and 5,000 of those will be on sale in ASDA, which people thought did not count towards the UK charts.

Rachel Stevens has just achieved #12 with 6,700 copies of her latest single.

So we’ve prepared a handy guide where to buy Lisa’s single.

Buy in store
Buying ‘Electric’ from the following shops will count towards the chart.


Buy online
Buying ‘Electric’ from the following online stores will count towards the chart.

CD1 | CD2


Buy from abroad
Our international visitors can buy the ‘Electric’ CDs by following the above link to HMV online and ordering their copy there. Orders through the HMV website do count towards the UK charts, even when shipped abroad.


Where to avoid
Buying ‘Electric’ from the market, from a jumble sale or downloading it illegally will simply not do! We want Lisa to go top 10, and so remember to obtain your CD or download legitimately. Smaller record shops will not count towards the UK chart, so try to buy your CD from one of the larger retailers mentioned above.

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