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Lisa says she won’t quit pop

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From ITV News.

Lisa Steps: ‘I won’t quit pop’
9.11AM, Sun Oct 9 2005

Singer and MTV star Lisa Scott-Lee has denied she will quit pop if her next single fails to reach the Top Ten.

Lisa’s reality show, Totally Scott-Lee, sees the cameras follow the former steps star as she desperately tries to get new single, Electric, into the Top Ten.

And to add spice to the proceedings, MTV say their star performer has vowed to give up her recording career forever if she fails in her attempt to make her single a hit.

But Lisa now denies ever making such a promise, saying she will carry on making records even if her latest single is a flop.

She explained: “MTV have set me a challenge to get Electric into the Top Ten.

“I’m hoping it will go well and there will be more singles to follow on from that.”

She added: “I’ve been very lucky and I’ve had a lot of success with Steps and that’s why I’m here and still doing it.”

Totally Scott-Lee is on MTV UK each Sunday at 9 p.m. and Electric is due out on Monday 10 October.

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