Steps in 2022

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Steps made it up to the second round of the Pop World Cup over at The Box’s website! But they’re in some tough competition now, going against Melanie C and 5ive! Usually the poll will take the top 2 artists to continue on to the next round, and Steps are in the second place now, but to make sure 5ive doesn’t take over their spot keep on voting!! You can vote for Steps over at the following link: Don’t forget to vote for other great pop acts in the other different groups! And remember, Steps are also in the poll for ‘Best Video Ever’! Be sure to vote for that too!

Seen the ‘Steps into Summer’ special by now? If not, then shame on you! Hehe! Well it seems as though the show went great and it was like another ‘Audience with Steps’! So hey it turns out all great! If you LOVED watching ‘Steps into Summer’ it seems as though there maybe a monthly show on it now! Who knows! We’ll keep you lot updated on this!

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