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Virgin: ‘Steps snub Pete Waterman’

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It seems Steps want more control over their future albums, as they negotiate a new contract with Jive Records.

This is from the Virgin Music section:

Steps snub Pete Waterman

Top pop band Steps are trying to distance themselves from the man responsible for their chart success. The five stars snubbed their producer Pete Waterman at last week’s Brit Awards when they collected an award for biggest-selling British live act. Band member “H” Watkins thanked both of their managers, Tim Byrne and Vicky Blood. But he made no mention of Waterman’s role in their success.

It is understood that the band are unhappy that the considerable publishing rights to their material go straight to Waterman’s company. A source at Steps’ record company Jive claims that, though Steps have not yet written any of their songs, they plan to do so in future and will want a larger slice of their royalties.

The unnamed source went on to say: “The band, their management and the record company all feel Pete’s work is done with now that Steps are established. They want to try to push Pete out of the way so that they can take more of a cut of the profits. They’re in talks at the moment and hope they can pull it off.”

Thanks to Jemma for sending in this info from The Daily Star which pictures Faye with her long time boyfriend Jasper. The article said:

“We told you Steps were going for a sexy new look… and group member Faye is taking this to the limit. Our snapper spotted blonde Faye snogging dutch boyfriend – know only as Jasper – after a night out. The pair have been secretly dating for four years, but this is the first time they have been photographed together. A fortnight ago, AAA revealed Steps were going for raunchy for their single “Deeper Shade of Blue”, out in April. And after a party at London’s trendy Sugar Reef restaurant, Faye and her man got down to some seriously steamy stuff in the back of a cab.”

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