Steps in 2022

US promo plans and Australia rumours

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Steps seem to be doing major promo work in the US next month. The album, Step One is set for release on 8 February, Tragedy will get its commercial release on 15 February (thanks Andre!) and of course that Disney special on 19 February! So let’s get Steps premiered on MTV US by voting for them on TRL! Thanks to Claire for this US news!

Steps are featured in February’s issue of Teen in the US. It’s great to see them finally get some promotion and hopefully they’ll be making it big out there real soon! They’re featured in an article with another band called Youngstown and it’s a behind the scenes look at both bands recording their concert at Disneyland.

In Australia, Steps are rumoured to be doing promotional work in the first week of February, as soon as we hear confirmed news we will bring it to you!

Thanks to Katrin for this information! There’s an article about Claire and H besides the normal pics in TV Hits – and that’s also the cover story. Of course there’s a poster of them that compares with the interview. And in L&K there’s an article of H with a poster and you can find a picture of him on the cover as well.

In the UK midweek chart Steps were number four with Say You’ll Be Mine / Better The Devil You Know. Steptacular was number six.

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