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Steps official postcard album out now

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GenSTEPS appears in this month’s .net internet magazine ( If you have it and have a scanner can you scan the small article for me?

Thanks to everyone who has sent in news! Keep those stories coming in!

In Smash Hits, Claire is this month’s “person in the sack”. She answers questions such as “Does your fist fit in your mouth?”, but also questions like “Are you nervous before a performance?”.

In the same issue is a very Steptastic poster of Lee! Also in the same edition of Smash Hits, Steps dress up as popstars of the last century.

Claire is Victoria Beckham, H is David Beckham, Lee is Robbie Williams, Faye is Britney Spears and Lisa is Geri Halliwell.

On Hong Kong TV it has been announced that Steps will be having a concert in Thailand. The TV station is going to give a ticket to ONE Steps fan to see them live in Thailand. But anyone in Hong Kong who wants to see Steps live in Thailand have to make a fan book in A4 size. The content has to be about the information of Steps. The concert is in Bangkok on 26 January.

Steps official photo cards and albums to place them in are now available in stores, so go get yours and start collecting – and perhaps GenSTEPS can help you with your empty spaces!

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