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This is the news that every US fan has been waiting for, just remember that release dates are always subject to change! The first US single for a long time will be It’s The Way You Make Me Feel with the new US album currently due on April 3rd 2001, as always release dates are subject to change. The new US album will be of a different tracklisting to that of the UK one, one reason being that Better The Devil You Know is already on the US version of Step One. News has it that the US album will also have a different title to Buzz, no news on what it could be yet and if that it will even be changed. There is no news on any tracklisting for the single or the album. US promotional trips are currently pencilled in for March and May. I would think that the May promotion might only happen if the album does have any success when it is released. [This US News Story was updated on 5.05pm Saturday Evening] If you saw TOTP yesterday you would have witnessed a great live performance of It’s The Way You Make Me Feel, if you missed it the repeat is on BBC1 tonight, well tomorrow morning at 2.30am – set your VCR this is one not to be missed! If you can’t catch the repeat we have made a RealVideo file of the performance which you can download directly from us!

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