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I know the site has faltered this week, this is as I’ve been soo busy I haven’t been able to update as much as I should be. Just I’ve been using computers at work for like 6 hours and when I get home switching on the computer is one of the last thing’s on my mind (no pun intended :o) Anyway thanks to Chris who has pointed out to me that on MTV Select STEPS have mentioned that a UK Tour will occur at the end of this year, which would be in support of what should be the Greatest Hits album. They have also been saying that they will also have a few more albums to come so that the Greatest Hits will not be their last album, which is good news. Chris also pointed this out which is rather worrying, actually the whole chart is rather worrying. It’s The Way You Make Me Feel is number one on the UK Indie charts removing Bob The Builder from the top of the chart. Is it just me or is Indie music now the same as Pop music, its all rather strange. Thanks to Javier for this Spanish news! He tells us that STEPS are in Spain on February 18th in the election of Miss Spain and on February 23rd in Barcelona and 24th in Madrid for a great show of the most important radio station in Spain (40 Principales).

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