Steps in 2022

US & J from 5ive

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Once again [email protected] is keeping us and you up to date with any US STEPS related news. He has been told what many of us already expected. STEPS admittedly do have a very UK Pop sound which hasn’t transferred over to the US as well as it should have possibly done. This is why they are working with the writers that they are for their next album. Songs written by Max Martin, for example, top both the US and UK charts. *NSYNC where number one for two weeks in the US with It’s Gonna Be Me which was penned by Max Martin and we all know that he has had several UK number ones to his name. Thanks to Rachel for sending this in! I read an interview with J from 5ive, and, I do not know how he had the nerve to say this, maybe he should take a look in the mirror more often, but it really upset me and I have been depressed ever since. He said- “this Lee Steps thing…honestly I think he’s a bit of an arse, him and H both are.” It seems that 5ive are either up to their usual stuff again which probably means they will deny it in a few days time or they are just the most picked on act in the British Press, I sure know which one I believe.

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