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Boyzone Members take the p*ss

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Boyzone duo Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch have taken aim at an array of pop targets in the video for their new single, having a go at Steps, Puff Daddy, Westlife and Ali G. The video for the track, a cover of pop fakers Milli Vanilli’s ‘Girl You Know It’s True’, is described by the pair as a “piss-take”. In the video Shane re-enacts his well-documented disagreement and scuffle with Puff Daddy at last year’s MTV awards in Dublin. The pair admit: “It’s a lot of fun we’ve taken the mickey out of Steps, Ali G and Westlife – I hope they see the funny side of it, if not, well that’s tough!” The duo’s version of the Milli Vanilli classic will feature Keith rapping and Shane singing, adding a few new lyrics to the original. “The tune will be rap and hip-hop, neither of which we get to do in Boyzone, it won’t be a Ronan Keating-like track,” they explain. “It’s a p**s take – the video will be a blast as well, we’re looking at having a laugh. “There may well be a fight with Puff Daddy on it somewhere!” (Source: Dotmusic)

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