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As everyone is coming to terms of the recent events, today is a National Day of Remembrance in the US and across Europe. Today at 11am BST the whole of Europe respected a 3min silence for those caught up in events in the US on Tuesday, an estimated 800 million people took part, we would like to pledge our support for those in the US who will be remembering those caught up in this horrible event.The bad news keeps coming, and this time to Jive Records, are particularly the Backstreet Boys, from Dotmusic: A member of the Backstreet Boys tour crew was onboard one of the four hijacked planes that brought terror to American this week. Carpenter Daniel Lee had caught the flight from Boston to LA to spend time with his pregnant wife. Despite their loss, the Backstreet Boys last night went ahead with their concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. According to reports, the band used the performance to raise $10,000 for the American Red Cross’ USA appeal Relief Fund. In a week that has seen cancellations from the likes of Aerosmith, Blink 182, the Charlatans, Coldplay and the Stereophonics, the Backstreet Boys have made a stand by claiming that the show must go on. Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson told the audience: “I’m tired of being sad and mad”. Following an opening act by Sisqo, the Backstreet Boys came on to the stage to hold a moment of silence in honour of Lee and other victims of the tragedy. I also found this online, Amazon are having an online pledge where you can donate money! If you can donate anything then pop over to where you can find out more information. At time of writing they had already collected over $4 million! In Steps news! An extra Date in Cardiff has been added due to huge demand for tickets there. Check out our tickets pages for more information!

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