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UK Charts & Update Changes

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In this weeks UK charts, It’s The Way You Make Me Feel entered the UK Charts at number two. Dotmusic are reporting it as a New Entry which would mean that STEPS consecutive run of Top 10 singles will remain intact and now reaches 12 consecutive Top 10 and 11 consecutive Top 5 hits! Buzz moved up another 3 places and now sits at number 13 on the charts. The live Wembley video stays at number 2 on the videos chart. In the Scottish Chart, It’s The Way You Make Me Feel entered at number nine There are going to be a few changes around here from tomorrow. It will only effect you if you visit this site for our usual updates from 3.30pm. From tomorrow where I work have offered me to work the full day rather than just the half day. That means that I won’t be back home until about 4.00pm on a weekday. This means that the site will now be updated between 4.00pm and 5.00pm during weekdays. Weekends remained unchanged. Thanks to Holgar for this review of It’s The Way You Make Me Feel from Time Out: “STEPS:’It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’ It must be hard to make a band look so bad. The sleeve of this Britney meets Abba-lite poop features the aesthetically challenged quintet in ill-fitting, badly coordinating ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ get up, complete with five of the stupidest haircuts in Stupidhaircutsville. Perhaps their stylist is trying to bring down teeny pop from the inside. Sadly, it doesn’t seem to be working…” No mention on the song in this review, gotta be interesting that! Not going against the video for It’s The Way You Make Me Feel as it is one of their best but perhaps Jive and/or STEPS management team should give us the first STEPS big-budget video which could then be used as a worldwide video. Just a thought …….. David told us that after he kicked up a fuss in his local Tower Records store in the US to get in Buzz the album is now at number four on the Import Albums chart in that store! So this shows that STEPS still have a following in the US!

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