Steps in 2022

Interview, Saturday Chart, Asia Movements

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Today on SMTV Live Lisa and H where answering e-mails sent in by the viewers. During this interview H asked everyone who brought the single last week to go and get it before closing time today as it seems that STEPS might be missing out on the number one by this week by not much more than what was brought last week by eager STEPS fans. H also admitted to STEPS touring the World this year he mentioned the US, Europe, South Africa. If you saw the Interview, it did come across that they could be away from the UK for quite a while this year so it does seem that Worldwide Dominance is on the cards for Steps in 2001, lets hope they can pull it off! In the CDUK Saturday Chart It’s The Way You Make Me Feel was number two which gives you about about Five Hours to buy the single, and if you got it last week buy it again and give it to a friend or something :o) The deficit can probably be overcome but only if you get lots of people to buy it LOL It’s The Way You Make Me Feel will be the first single to be released from Buzz in Asia. The album is due for release in this region in March 2001.

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