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The Last Dance tracklisting leaks

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The Last Dance – the next and final album from Steps – has appeared in an Ebay auction! The tracklisting goes against what I’ve been told by Jive UK as it appears to be nothing more than a 2-CD remix album with the odd track that has appeared as a B-side on a single somewhere in the world or an album somewhere in the world. I have asked Jive about this but won’t get a reply until Monday now. I was told that it is a 2-CD album which “includes a remix CD” but looking at this it seems it’s just a remix album!


1. Overture
2. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
3. To Be Your Hero
4. Baby Don’t Dance – W.I.P. Radio
5. Human Touch – W.I.P. Remix
6. I Know Him So Well
7. Lay All Your Love On Me
8. You’ll Be Sorry – W.I.P. Remix
9. Merry Xmas Everybody – W.I.P. Remix
10. Why?
11. Mars And Venus (We Fall In Love Again) – W.I.P. Remix
12. Just Like The First Time – W.I.P. Remix
13. One For Sorrow – Sleazesisters Anthem Edit
14. Deeper Shade Of Blue – Sleazesisters Anthem PA Edit

1. 5, 6, 7, 8 – W.I.P. 2002 Remix
2. Tragedy – W.I.P. Reception Mix
3. Last Thing On My Mind – W.I.P. ‘t Up In The Disco Mix
4. One For Sorrow – W.I.P. Mix
5. Better Best Forgotten – W.I.P. ’99 Cream Of Manchester Mix
6. Love’s Got A Hold Of My Heart – W.I.P. Off The Wall Mix
7. After The Love Has Gone – W.I.P. Mix
8. Deeper Shade Of Blue – W.I.P. Mix
9. Summer Of Love – W.I.P. Mix
10. Stomp – W.I.P. Mix

You’ll probably be looking at that saying “I already have 80% or more of those tracks already” – as you can tell from that above its basically a remix album not an album with an additional remix CD like the Allstars album had.

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