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The Box Movements

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As some of you will know The Box has been a channel where STEPS have had a good amount of success on Box Tops – which means lots of people are requesting their songs, and I’m sure a few of you reading this request from time to time too. I was browsing the web yesterday and stumbled across some information about what The Box are planning. 1stly I incorrectly stated that it might change its name due to legal rules, that isn’t happening. 2ndly it seems that The Box are planning a Live show between 4pm – 7pm to rival MTV Select and TOTP @ Play, rumour has it it might be based on the MTV US TRL which would put it in competition with MTV UK who are thinking changing MTV Select to a more TRL based show. Remember nothing is planned nor confirmed but if The Box did have a live show I’m sure STEPS would appear a few times, so more STEPS on your TV! Anyway any more information that comes out I’ll try and get it up here!
On Box Tops, It’s The Way You Make Me Feel moves down to number 10!

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