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Dotmusic have opened their special section on The BRITS 2001. They are having their own unofficial vote at to go and vote for STEPS click on the nominations side link and then vote for STEPS in the Best Pop Acts, (they are on page three) you can also vote for the other acts in the other categories if you wish!
Thanks to Pieter in Belgium who has e-mailed to say that It’s The Way You Make Me Feel has entered the Belgian charts at number 39. He tells us that this is a high new entry. So if you haven’t brought the single yet you know that you have to!

In the February 7th Edition of Smash Hits, (I know its a little late but I’ve not even been buying it recently, sad I know but if you’re a pop fan you can’t really not afford to buy it!) There is one or two bits on STEPS, if you’ve not got your copy yet it does have a poster of Faye. There are a few bits on the group but the most interesting (especially regarding the news around Napster recently), is Claire on Napster:
What Do You Think Of Napster?
I don’t know much about it, but I know if you can get music for free it could end up causing the music industry to nose dive and put the record companies out of business.
What about the bands?
Well, no-one will earn any money, and people can’t afford to do it for too long for free. We worked for about a year or so earning hardly any money at all, we got £50 a week and it’s hard enough for kids, but when you’re an adult and you start getting responsibilities its impossible.
But aren’t CDs too expensive now?
I don’t think so. The price hasn’t gone up much over the past few years. Singles probably have, but it costs more to make a single CD than an album. But if you’re a fan of something, you go and buy it. If I want something I go and buy it, I wouldn’t dream of getting it off the internet for nothing. If you’re a true fan then you’ll buy it.

Remember to watch Steps II The Stars this afternoon, at 4.35pm and vote online for the act that you liked the most at they also have information on how to apply to be on the show!

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