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Stomp confirmed as next single

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STEPS have a chance this year of winning the MTV UK & Ireland Select award at this years EMAs in Sweden. To win STEPS must win the Select Show voting where they are up against other pop acts such as S Club 7, 5ive, Billie Piper. For them to win you must vote by calling a telephone number. To vote for STEPS ring 09001 00 064, be aware this is a premium rate number so check with the bill payer before making the call

It has just been confirmed that Steps are a last-minute addition to the Disney Channel Kids Awards line-up. Steps will be performing their brand new single Stomp for just the second time ever, and the first time to an audience of that size! The five have been taking a breather from the limelight since their summer shows but in just one week’s time they’ll unveil their new look and new dance routine. The Disney Channel Kids Awards already boasts appearances from Westlife, S Club 7, Lolly, Vengaboys, Scooch, a1, Atomic Kitten and Artful Dodger, plus countless other music, sports and TV celebrities who will presenting and picking up the awards. The show takes place next Saturday 23 September at London Arena, Docklands and tickets are still available through the telephone hotline on 0870 1200 140. But if you can’t make it on the day, the event will be broadcast on the Disney Channel on 24 September. Steps’ new single Stomp is due to be released on 16 October. (Source:

Does this mean that the new video will premiere this week on The Box? Anyway YOU could help GenSTEPS. Do you receive the Disney Channel OR are you attending the show? If so can you rip the song & encode it in to MP3 and send it to me? If so PLEASE e-mail me first. I say this because I don’t actually subscribe to the Disney Channel BUT I am receiving it at this moment (The company will remain anonymous!) I have been known to receive this for months for free so hopefully it will last until this weekend!

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