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I have heard rumours about the forthcoming STEPS album will be released at the end of October, so I decided to do a little research on the matter. What I found out what that the album is indeed currently scheduled to be released on October 30th 2000, which is a week before the huge Spice Girls & Westlife battle here in the UK the following week so if it is out then I would imagine it would only stay put for one week at the top spot. Personally I don’t see why it should be out then. I would prefer it to be released nearer to Christmas, perhaps the end of November or December.
More talk, don’t believe this has been confirmed yet, I’m not one to spread rumours either so if this is wrong I apoligise now so don’t get too up on this news until something is officially confirmed! I have been told by several people that the new STEPS single is called Stomp and is still released in Mid-October. If the release date is true expect the video to surface in the next 14days. If I get anything else confirmed I’ll post it as soon as I can!

Thanks to Danny for sending this in!
I have just read the latest issue of SMASH HITS magazine and in an interview with ‘N SYNC, Lance said the following:
Lance: I’ve just found out that Faye hates Christina Aguilera (*NSYNC aren’t too keen, either). She almost had a fight with her! Respect!
Chris: My money’s on Faye.
Lance: She could kick butt, she’s great. (Whispering) I’ve got a secret crush on Faye. She’s got a boyfriend though. Oh well. (Thinking) Mind you, I’ve got four guys behind me, who’s he got!?
also, there was another snippet:
While Justin’s getting all philosophical, Lance is getting distracted by the Smash Hit’s STEPS booklet. We’ve already found out the band think Lisa’s “hot”. The magazine also includes a poster of H!

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