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Steps to play for the Sultan?

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Lisa and H from chart-topping pop troupe Steps have revealed to worldpop that they’re hoping to receive an invite to perform for The Sultan Of Brunei. The Sultan, currently thought to be the richest man in the world, has already had Westlife, Spice Girls and All Saints entertain his family in private showcases and now Steps are hoping they’ll be next on the list of invites. ‘We know his son Asim quite well,’ explains Lisa. ‘We’ve faxed him quite a bit,’ adds H. ‘He’s a nice kid, he’s very young and there’s a lot of attention and pressure on him for his age.’ Steps were reported to have been invited to appear at Princess Beatrice’s birthday party by Sarah Ferguson after meeting backstage at last month’s Party In The Park. However H and Lisa both denied the rumour. ‘We don’t know where that rumour came from because it’s the first we’ve heard about it,’ declared H. However he admitted that the band did receive a letter from Fergie saying, ‘Thank you for letting the girls come backstage and meet you and showing them around.’ When we caught up with the Welsh contingency of Steps the pair also let out a few more juicy secrets. First up was the admission that three-fifths of Steps were once bingo callers and H is planning to buy band mate Claire a karaoke machine for her birthday next week, which falls on 17 August. He was planning to buy the gift in the UK but decided to wait until the band touched down in America where they’re cheaper. ‘It means that you can get more for your money,’ remarked H. ‘No, it just means that it’s cheaper! You’re a cheapskate!’ joked Lisa before adding. ‘I’ll probably get her a piece of silver jewellery because she loves silver.’ (Source:

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