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Steps to perform two songs on Abbamania

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Wow! What a month October was! With news from our fab five practically every day, it was hard to keep track of what they were all up to. Confirmed today was the release date of the album ABBAMANIA. It will be out on Monday 8 November featuring all the artists from the show broadcast on Saturday 6 November. And that includes two songs from Steps: Lay All Your Love On Me and a slower ballad called I Know Him So Well.

On top of this, the new video for Say You’ll Be Mine will start being broadcast on TV channels in the coming two weeks. Then after this we can all look forward to the video for Better The Devil You Know.

And I haven’t even begun to mention the tour that will still be going on well into December. The album signing in Birmingham tomorrow and there is a gig at G-A-Y at the London Astoria. And of course the big news for US fans: the Disney concert and other TV appearances starting next week as Steps go over to America for a week of hard work promoting the next single Tragedy.

Keep stepping, and remember to practice all the dance routines for those concerts that you will no doubt be going to! Or if you’ve already been, let everyone else know what they were like by submitting a review. Thank you to everyone that visits GenSTEPS for making us the most popular Steps website on the internet. We are extremely proud of the fact that you all like and come to the site. Have a good month.

– Jack, editor

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