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Steps reject racism claim

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Thanks to Hannah for sending this in!:

“This is in response to the Faye telling Mark Lamaar ‘i dislike you immensely’……well she did say it. Yesterday I went to see the filming of this show (unfortunately not the one with Faye in it) and they showed a clip what she said:

Mark: Says something about loving her
Faye: Aww, I hate you!
Mark: Hate’s a strong word!
Faye: Ok, I dislike you immensely!
And then she left (it was the end of the interview) with a smile of course!

Ok, well that’s it, you can see it yourself when it’s on TV next Thursday at 9pm on BBC2.

Steps have hit back at claims that they are racist after a ‘misunderstanding’ that followed comments made by Claire Richards in a Sunday newspaper. Speaking to the Sunday Express about UK immigration laws, Claire had remarked, ‘Why are we paying for all these people to come into our country?’ Her comments didn’t please parties such as the Anti-Fascist Action group, who said they were ‘horrified’ and demanded that Steps withdraw their comments. However, in a statement from the band’s spokesperson, it is made known that ‘Steps, both as a group and as individuals, are horrified at the implication by the AFA that they are racist. They deplore all forms of discrimination – racist, sexist or homophobic.’ You can catch Steps on the re-runs of their hugely popular series, Steps To The Stars. The seven shows on BBC1, Fridays at 4.35pm feature a host of celebrity special guests explaining how they became famous, plus a performance from Steps themselves. As an added treat Steps have recorded some new links for the series. (Source:

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