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Steps accused of racism

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I didn’t attend any of the recent open air concerts at Hyde Park or Cardiff Castle as part of the Route Of Kings tour. From the reviews I’ve received it seems that if you were not at a fairly close proximity to the stage you couldn’t see too much – and as you had paid up to £31 for the tickets if you do have a problem you are best taking your claim to the tour organisers.

Unlike the Arena tours these concerts where organised by SFX Promotions, their address is as follows:
SFX, 16 Birmingham Street, Walsall

So if you do have a problem with the tour you are best contacting them personally. Thanks to one of the reviewers for supplying this address.

It seems that the good old British tabloids are at it again, this is from Channel 4 text:

“Mark Lamarr, who once reduced Gail Porter to tears on Never Mind The Buzzcocks, has picked a new victim – Faye Steps. After guesting on his new chatshow Lamar’s Attacks, Faye told Mark: “I think you’re horrible, and I dislike you immensely”. (The Mirror) …. STEPS PR Responds: “Completely untrue, someone from Steps’ record company who went said Faye had a great time and heard Faye tell Mark after the show how much she enjoyed it!”

Pop group Steps have reacted with horror to a suggestion from an anti-fascist group that they may be racist. Anti-Fascist Action has condemned remarks made by members of the group in an interview in the Express on Sunday. In an apparent reference to asylum seekers Claire Richards was quoted as saying: “Why are we playing for all these people to come into the country?” A statement from the group’s management said they “deplore” all discrimination.

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