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Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about this! You can now find the Sleaze Sisters remix of Here & Now on various Internet MP3 servers. This follows up their remix of You’ll Be Sorry. It seems that this forthcoming single is well supported with remixes which should give it a good rotation in the clubs and hopefully therefore increase sales with the single when it is eventually released to the public!

This is from the local London news pages on ITV Teletext:

Chancellor Gordon Brown and two stars from pop band Steps are joining 500 children at the London Eye to call for an end to child poverty.

Singer’s Lisa Scott-Lee & Lee Latchford-Evans were traveling on the Eye with the youngsters, who were invited by more than 40 charities and youth groups.

The event has been organised by the End Child Poverty Coalition.

I might be losing “The Box” music channel as I am thinking of upgrading to digital from analogue and good old Telewest doesn’t carry The Box on its digital platform! If I do lose this it would probably mean that I wouldn’t be able to get the video captures up as quickly as I would do usually. Therefore if you have Sky Digital (Or NTL Digital) and have a TV Card you might be able to join the GenSTEPS team for this purpose. If you are interested then give me an e-mail!

Some of you might be thinking, “Why doesn’t he get Sky Digital instead?” well my house is surrounded by trees and therefore no direct line of sight for the dish. Therefore it would have to go on the roof, and Sky don’t install there of course! Independent people would but I’ve not researched the cost etc. for doing that.

NME are reporting a followup to their story a month ago:

STEPS’ FAYE TOZER has responded to ALFIE’s offer of a collaboration, first announced weeks ago in NME, and it seems the unlikely pairing could be on – but only if ALFIE make the first move!

“I went to the NME Carling Awards and I sat on the same table with them,” Faye explains in the current issue of Sky magazine. “They were quoted in NME as saying, ‘We’d write with her.'” Though Faye made no comment at the time, she now says: “Nothing’s going to happen – unless they ask me.”

Tozer is still writing songs with boyfriend Jasper from indie act One, although those songs are unlikely to see the light of day. Faye explained that she records at home and “I do that stuff because of my own personal taste. I enjoy it but it’s not my job. My job is Steps – that’s my priority.”

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